Start a Revolution…Just ONE WORD

What will your ONE WORD be?

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If you’re like most of the world, you’ve taken time this New Year to make

{insert big, macho, movie-narrator-voice here…….}

New…Year’s… Resolutions…..

You know the drill….

  • Goals for the year ahead….
  • Plans for things to get done….
  • Expectations for what the year will look like….
  • What you will have accomplished at the end of it.

I’m going to go against the trend here and issue you a challenge:  DON’T.

Don’t make resolutions that will just get broken and leave you feeling guilty and defeated.  If you’ve already made them, rip them up and toss them in the trash.  Do something different this year. Instead of a long list of New Year’s resolutions that will end up broken,  this year…


Start a revolution…within yourself. 

Start a revolution in your heart and your mind….a fundamental change in the way you think about and visualize your life.    That sounds all cerebral and deep and complicated…. but give me a minute and I’ll show you it’s really not.  We’ve even created a free printable for you to work through and start your own personal revolution.  All it takes is ONE WORD and three easy steps to get there. To start your own revolution:

1. Make a list. 

  • On one side, write down what you dislike in your life.
  • On the other side, write the things you like (or would like to have more of) in your life.  The stuff that really matters to you.
  • Your dislike side might say “stress” or “feeling tired and achy all the time” or “clutter”.
  • Your like side might say “quality time with family” or “better health” or “more joy”.
  • Don’t judge your list (or yourself) .  This is just for you, no one else has to see it. You won’t have to confess what’s on it, I promise! Don’t leave something off because you think it’s silly, or unrealistic, or that you should already have mastered it.
  • Write down what you WANT or don’t want, deep down in your heart.
  • Be honest with yourself.  Put down what you really think or feel.

2. Take some time and look over  your list. 

     Ask yourself:

What do I really long for?

What is it I want to be different? 

  • In big, general terms…. what do you wish your life had more of?
  • More peace, less stress?
  • A simpler life with less chaos?
  • More time enjoying your life and less time feeling overwhelmed?
  • Better health?

It’s YOUR LIFE, not mine, so I can’t give you the answers.  But you know what they are deep down.

3. Choose ONE WORD that can encompass all of this.

There is a word that either defines all that you want, or that will help you get there.  It might take some thinking.  Let your mind wander.  Brainstorm.  Then listen to the word or feeling that keeps popping up.  It might not be the word that you expect, that word that keeps popping up.  You might start out thinking of another word. I did! But listen to the word that your heart keeps bringing up.   Your heart (and God) are trying to tell you something:

This is your ONE WORD revolution.

Now, here’s the important part:

Just like the earth is making revolutions around the sun, let your decisions, your actions, your life revolve around your one word throughout this coming year.   Allow your one word to echo in your heart and mind and soul throughout your days and weeks ahead. Let your one word start a revolution in your heart and your mind….a fundamental change in the way you think about and visualize your life.

Have you noticed?

We’re starting a revolution here at Must Love God.

Are you ready to join the revolution with us?


Printable ONE WORD Revolution Printable Planning Tool

Printable ONE WORD revolution blank stationery

Check back tomorrow for Meredith’s ONE WORD post.


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Michelle writes at Intentional Me about being real, joyful, intentional, simple, faithful, peaceful, honest, calm, quiet, thoughtful, shy, loving, adventurous, spiritual, thankful, & clutter-challenged. Find her at www.Intentional.Me.


  1. I started doing this last year… it really did guide my year. Here is my post about my word for 2012…

  2. My one word is “quiet.” A quiet heart and soul that listens to the voice of God. Great post!

  3. I had my one word all picked out – but over the last few days God has been working on my heart to show me it’s been my plan, not his. Thanks for this today, I’m going back to the drawing board to seek what he would have me to do!

    • Lauren,
      That very same thing happened to me. I had my word all picked out. Then this other word that didn’t make sense kept popping up. I finally listened and realized that it was His plan, and once I listened, it made perfect sense. May you have an easy time listening today! :)

  4. Great post Michelle. I’m thinking about my word….right now the one that keeps coming to mind is “GIVE”.

  5. Great Post Michelle!!
    I put up my post last night about my word for 2012. I chose FOCUS. I’m hoping to give each area and each person in my life more focus. Not just a “glance” but true FOCUS. I love the printables that were created! I’m sure they will help others to find their word and join in!

  6. My one word? Limitless. To unlimit every area of my life. :) great post!

  7. This is terrific! I’ve never been too serious about New Year Resolutions (probably because I never succeeded at keeping them!) but I did make three distinct goals for me and my family. I printed out your worksheet and stationary and pray that “my word” will poke to the surface soon! Glad that I found this site with the help of Christina at To Show Them Jesus!

  8. I didn’t realize my word for last year until December. But, I’m ahead of the game for this year and my word is “cultivate.” Can’t wait to unwrap what this means!

  9. Oh! I’ve known my word for awhile even though I’m not “officially” signing up at the site. It’s “steadfast” I kinda love it and am terrified of it at the same time. It’s definitely not something that would have described me or my life in the past.

  10. I LOVE this!! What a great site and great revolution to be a part of! My one word is: Enjoy. :)

  11. My word is “finish” but I love your process for others to find their word, sharing this post next. Just stopping by from SomeGirlsWebsite linkup.


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