Make a Revolution not a Resolution

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How many resolutions do you have written down for the New Year?

How many resolutions have you already failed at within the first two weeks of the year?

And one last question…how much have you beaten yourself up because you already failed one of your resolutions?

Which do you think is worse for you?  Making a resolution and failing, or beating yourself up over failing?  I bet many of us mamas beat ourselves up more than we want others to think.  Do you have that voice in your head telling you how terrible you are, how undisciplined, lazy, unworthy you are because you have failed?

Do you think that is what God wants from us each New Year?

Do you think God is in favor of us making resolutions and then tearing ourselves down because we fail?

This is exactly why I gave up making New Year’s resolutions.  If I want to change something in my life, I don’t wait. I just do it when God tells me.  And if it doesn’t work then I can tweak it throughout the year.  That way the voice in my head has no choice but to keep being positive.  I never fail at a New Year’s resolution because I don’t make them.

I make daily changes and then I just tweak them to make them fit into my life and my journey the way God wants them to.

photo courtesy of photobucket

I let God take charge…….I pray and make a list of what God wants me to change.  I don’t just make a list of resolutions. And my list is ongoing.  It isn’t just a New Year’s list.  It is a life long God list.

Try it………..Start a revolution inside of you instead of making resolutions.  Start a war with that defeating voice in your head.  Don’t give it any more fire.  Stop the madness.

Pray about what God wants you to change in your life and do this each day–not just at the beginning of the year.  Ask God what steps you can take each day to accomplish this change that he wants.  You may not hear from him right away but be patient… will.  And make your list.  Make a list of what God wants you to change, not what you or that voice wants to change.

My revolution starts with praying and praying and praying.  Then I have to listen…listen for God and not that defeating voice in my head.  I refuse to let the voice take over and make me feel terrible about myself because I failed….failed in my terms or that voice’s terms...but never in God’s terms.

I can never fail at what God gives me to change…I can only sin, ask forgiveness, and try again each day. God will always give me grace and let me start over.  

Quit making resolutions…………start a revolution with God!