This past Christmas of 2011 seemed quite different for me… I was drawn to the accounts of Mary, Joseph, the Birth of Jesus, the Wise Men, and the Christmas star.  My desire to read, ponder, and even write about that night continued for me throughout December.

Each read through Matthew and Luke would highlight a particular verse that stood out amongst the rest. So much so, that I would write it down on the chalkboard in my kitchen.  It was as if GOD in all of HIS infinite wisdom was giving prominence to what HE wanted me to focus on for that day. 

Yes, I have read these stories before… GOD’S story, but never in this intense way.  The Living Word has a way of drawing you in if you take the time to meditate on it.  These meditations caused me to pause and rethink that wondrous night.

In the Message, it says that GOD’S GLORY blazed around the shepherds that special night.  I wonder what they saw…and felt.  GOD’S GLORY is beyond all that we can comprehend here on earth!  The shepherds returned after seeing the Christ child and they GLORIFIED, and praised GOD!  What they witnessed was as it was told to them by an angel sent from the LORD.

This part of the story has me asking:  Do I GLORIFY my GOD enough in my life?  With all that I know about HIS life, do I really GLORIFY HIM in mine?  In order for me to accomplish this, first I must have room in my heart for HIM.  Remember, there was no room for HIM in the inn… I don’t desire to be so busy and preoccupied with the stuff of this world, that my heart has no room for my LORD!

It is easy for me to GLORIFY HIM when I am outside in a beautiful setting, but what about when I am in the midst of my daily problems, when life gets tough… when it overwhelms.  To GLORIFY HIM in my ugly will be a challenge for me.  I can guarantee that I will be asking HIM, “How, GOD, do I find YOU in this?!”

And so my one word for 2012 is: GLORIFY.  I pray that in all circumstances, I will GLORIFY, exalt, and worship HIM.  I also know this will draw me closer to HIM…I spent time last year abiding with HIM in such a way that HE drew me ever so close!  HIS story, with all of its magnificence, is for all of history to see… and for us as HIS chosen generation to GLORIFY, each and every day of our lives!