The most important relationship

I was curled up in my comfy chair the other day with my coffee and Bible. (Okay. It was my phone. But I was using YouVersion so that counts, right?) Everyone was still asleep and it was just one of THOSE mornings. You know the ones. The rare time when all is quiet and you sit contently, basking in God’s presence. Suddenly a thought occurred to me.

My relationship with God is the most important one I’ll ever have.

Duh! Right? But how often do I actually live out that truth? Not nearly often enough, I’m afraid. But the fact is, every other interaction, from kids to husband to friends, EVERY OTHER relationship I have filters through my relationship with Him.

We are called to be in relationship with each other, but too easily I translate that into “take care of everyone and everything around me.” And while God wants us to take care of and love each other, He doesn’t expect us to do it alone, in our own strength!

When I get overwhelmed with everything that needs to be done, He’s asking me to just BE, to spend a moment with Him. When I’m exhausted and drained, He is waiting with open arms to let me rest and refresh. This time with him should not be another obligation, something else to check off my to-do list. He doesn’t NEED anything from me.

He just wants my heart, my mind, ME.

He is my Lifeblood, my Joy, my Strength. He loves my husband & children more than I ever could. He cares about my friends and all of their drama. He has deliberately placed me in their lives according to His plan and will infuse me with His peace, patience and energy that I need to fulfill these roles…if I can only learn to REST in Him.

Why should these mornings be rare? Why ARE they rare? Am I that hard headed? (Don’t answer that last one…)

It is counter intuitive. There’s so much to do. The house is a disaster. The chicken for dinner is still frozen solid. Multiple kids need multiple things and they all need them NOW. Hubs is having a bad day/week/year. The dog just puked on the carpet and the cat is trying to eat it, the youngest is having a meltdown, my phone is blowing up with texts from a friend falling apart and the teenager just slammed a door. Again. The laundry is overtaking the living room. And the dishes…let’s not even go there. The idea of quiet time is laughable. How can I afford to make time for God?

How can I afford NOT to?

What about you? Is He your strength and refuge?