Accountability – One Day at a Time

Must Love God


noun \ə-ˌkau̇n-tə-ˈbi-lə-tē\

an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility for one’s actions 

It’s easy to be accountable for our actions when we’re doing something for someone else.
Not so easy when it comes to doing it for ourselves and our health.
Why is that?  Why is it so easy to push ourselves down to the bottom of the priority list?


I don’t have the answer.  I’m figuring out my way on the path to wellness just like everyone else.
The good news is that we are not alone:
  • We are never alone.  God is always with us, and we need to take these struggles of ours to Him in prayer.
  • We have this link up and the forum as useful tools to support and encourage each other.
  • We have friends and family (online or in real life) who we can be accountable to….(it’s as simple as telling them your goals, and keeping them updated on your progress).


My friend Aubrey is my accountability buddy.  We have similar goals & experiences, and we support and cheer each other on through good days and bad. It’s very helpful to be able to confess the rough times and have someone there who understands and who can lift you up when you’re down.  We have a “Just for Today” pact going.  We each make specific goals, one day at a time, and then work on meeting those goals “just for today”.  (You can do anything for just one day!)


Find a way to keep yourself accountable:

  • Maybe it’s a buddy with the same goals.
  • Maybe it’s a reward after ‘x’ number of days meeting your goal.
  • Maybe it’s a challenge like this one:


Make simple, realistic goals for each day.
Tell us, (or someone) about them.
Then keep yourself accountable…. Just for today.

Don’t forget to link up your “Count Me Accountable” post.  If you don’t have a blog or post, please leave a comment.  We want to encourage you!