Encouragement and Accountability? Come Link Up With Us!

We started this weekly series on Thursdays to help each other stay accountable for… well, for whatever it is that we’re each working on improving in our lives. For some it’s physical fitness and exercise. For others it’s prayer and quiet time. Or it might be food, or emotional wellness, or any host of other things.

Must Love God
To help us stay accountable to you, our fabulous readers, we’d like to take just a short minute of your time and ask you to answer one quick question:

Which area do you most need help, encouragement and inspiration to stay accountable?

  • Physical fitness
  • Quiet time/ prayer time
  • Spiritual growth
  • Healthy eating
  • Emotional health/wellness
  • Other _______________

Would you be so kind as to leave your answer in the comments?

Thanks in advance…

The Must Love God team


About Michelle

Michelle writes at Intentional Me about being real, joyful, intentional, simple, faithful, peaceful, honest, calm, quiet, thoughtful, shy, loving, adventurous, spiritual, thankful, & clutter-challenged. Find her at www.Intentional.Me.


  1. I know my biggest issue right now is all I want to accomplish vs. all I can accomplish. I’d love to hear what other people struggle with and need help with. I have ideas brewing to help us all with our goals!!!
    Kristi recently posted..Summertime BluesMy Profile

  2. Ooohh.. I need this! In answer to your poll question….all of the above!
    Robin recently posted..Thought Provoking RachelMy Profile

  3. My biggest challenge on the list is physical fitness. I can never find the desire to exercise. I’m not extremely sedentary or out of shape, I just don’t have the willpower to stay IN shape.


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