Why Does It Even Matter?

Its been a little hard to focus lately.

My mind is bouncing all over the place as I prepare to start back to school for my final year of college.  I go from planning a month of meals to planning my blog to planning my children’s church lessons.  I’m crossing projects off my to-do list and adding more behind them.  I’m shopping, cleaning house, sorting coupons, and organizing my notebook for school.

This crazy balancing act gets pretty overwhelming at times.  Each item on my list is important.  Everyone on my list needs me, and I love everyone and everything on it.

But I’ll admit, there are days when I want to throw the whole list away and hide under the blankets, singing “Make The World Go Away.” 

Some days, I wonder if this all really matters.  What difference does it really make?  It gets so redundant – get up, go to school, go home, change clothes, go to work, go home, cook, clean, do laundry, go to bed exhausted, get up the next day and do it all over again – day after day, making sacrifices for this dream of finishing my degree.  Does it even matter?

As I pray for God’s strength and wisdom to see me through the months ahead, I’m realizing more every day that it all matters.

  • When my children’s church kids are bouncing off the walls and don’t seem to be listening to a thing I say, they’re actually soaking in lessons.
  • When I’m washing the 15,000th load of laundry this week, my family is blessed because they are being taken care of.
  • When I drag myself to the gym for the workout I don’t want to do, I’m honoring God by caring for my body.
  • When I focus on my class work for college, it brings me a step closer to being an RDH – one step closer to providing a better life for my family, one step closer to the short-term medical missions trips I dream of going on, and one step closer to fulfilling what God has called me to.

It seems like so much of life is a string of little things, but those little things quickly add up to big things.  As I finish assignments, scrub toilets, write out grocery lists, tuck my kids into bed, or file papers for my husband, I remind myself of what I’m building with all these little things.

I’m building a family and a life that strives to honor God every day…and that’s a pretty amazing thing.

About Amanda H

As a 30-something pastor's wife, mom of two, manager of a women's fitness center, and full-time college student, Amanda's life is crazy busy! Her biggest goal is keeping faith and family at the center of her life while balancing everything through a very challenging season. When she's not busy playing Supermom, she enjoys reading (especially a good mystery), cooking, crime shows, Arkansas Razorback football, horseback riding, working out, and blogging at Grace in Our Moments.


  1. Oh friend, I can so relate to having the plate so heaping full yet knowing everything on it is part of His plan. When I start listing everything I get very overwhelmed, but when I trust Him to get me through, it is peaceful, even though crazy!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement today! I can so relate.

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